Industry Positioning Statements

This group consists of some of the leading figures within corporate travel who are tasked with acting as the voice for the industry. This group will be the ‘Go To’ organisation when a key issue arises or requires comment and discussion. With the members in mind, activity will be challenged if it is believed to not be with the members best interest in mind, with the view of promoting transparency and fair competition.

This page will communicate with clarity on issues to support members in making effective business decisions. You can view the members of the IAG Board  here

HS2 & HS3

The ITM welcomes the Government's commitment to the extension of HSR network.

07 May 2021

A blockchain is a time-stamped series of data records managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity.

07 May 2021
Airline Consolidation

Impact of Alliances & Anti-trust Immunity on Competition & Pricing

21 Apr 2021
Geopolitical Environment (Duty of Care)

The world has moved into a new and unsettling geopolitical phase with many sources citing the world is more uncertain than for many decades.

20 Apr 2021
Mobile Strategies

ITM believes that mobile technology and "apps" can add much to a corporate travel programme and, in particular, aid a traveller or travel arranger�s role.

11 Dec 2020

ITM suggests those selecting a supplier look at how these main pillars are addressed within the company

09 Dec 2020
Passenger Rights

The ITM increasingly rely upon our airline partners for members business travel. Any disruption to flights is a disruption to that business.

03 Dec 2020
Ancillary Fees / Payment Processing Fees

Airlines are unbundling more and more items, from fuel surcharges and GDS fees to baggage and food.

30 Nov 2020
Data Privacy

The issue of Data and data protection is of critical importance to the travel professional. Get in the know.

26 Nov 2020
Diversity and Inclusion

How should a Travel Manager treat diversity and inclusion?

15 Sep 2020
Distribution Fragmentation

Following the creation of global distribution systems (GDS), travel agents have used increasingly different GDS systems to aggregate content.

26 May 2020
London Airport Expansion

ITM recognises that the UK requires an aviation policy which balances the economic benefits of aviation with its environmental and community impact

27 Feb 2020
Coronavirus Outbreak

ITM is closely monitoring the spread of respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China.

27 Feb 2020
Sharing Economy

E.g. Air BnB, Uber, Lyft

04 Dec 2019
Payment Services Directive II – Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2 SCA) is a directive issued by the EU which implements regulatory changes in the payment card sector.

19 Nov 2019
Air Passenger Duty (APD)

APD was introduced in 1994 as a tax to pay for the environmental costs of air travel.

13 Nov 2019
Security/Data breaches

Under the GDPR, the DPO is legally obliged to notify their Supervisory Authority within 72 hours of the data breach having been identified.

05 Nov 2019
GIG Economy

The Gig economy is a broad term for the online freelance workforce that has gown significantly over recent years.

05 Nov 2019
Transportation Safety Issues (eg Boeing 737 Max)

ITM�s buyer members have many considerations to take into account when safety issues are raised around a particular transport mode.

28 Jun 2019

When Britain leaves the EU the existing agreements and permissions around aviation would need to be reviewed or re-negotiated.

25 Apr 2019