ITM Code of Conduct

Explaining ITM Code of Conduct

All ITM members (both Connect and Business members) are required to agree to the code of conduct which ensures that ITM members achieve the highest levels of professionalism. Any believed breach of the code by an ITM member should be reported to the ITM CEO in the first instance for investigation by a board committee. Proven cases of breach of the code may be liable to a reprimand, or in extreme cases suspension or termination of membership to ensure the code is upheld.


Members shall uphold and enhance the professionalism of business travel & meeting professionals and the Institute by:

  • Maintaining integrity beyond doubt in all business relationships through honesty, transparency and uncompromised representation
  • Developing their knowledge to provide maximum benefit to their organisations
  • Undertaking negotiations in a professional manner, respecting the position and objectives of all parties concerned
  • Recording formal agreements through the use of written records, MOUs or contracts
  • Complying with laws and contractual obligations
  • Accepting guidance on professional practice from the Institute and its representatives
  • Rejecting any improper business practices


In applying these precepts, members should:

  • Respect others. Focus on the content (of speakers/online posts) and not the people making them
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited on any of ITM's platforms
  • Excessive use of the ITM Member Directory for unsolicited contact with ITM members will not be tolerated and can result in termination of your ITM membership
  • Respect the confidentiality of information received and never use it for personal gain
  • Respect intellectual property. You may only share content that you have the express permission to use and that you properly attribute to the content creator
  • Give the fullest information possible without intention to mislead or for financial recompense
  • Seek the advantages of negotiation and maintain business relationships but avoid any arrangement inhibiting fair competition
  • Comply with the Bribery Act 2011 and carefully consider the acceptance of all business gifts in the context of the relationship and the level of gift
  • Recognise the commitment members and supporters (including sponsors and association partners) make to the industry by engaging with ITM and make every effort to engage where possible and appropriate
  • Recognise that some existing relationships may inhibit members from engaging with some existing members and supporters